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Additional “On-Demand” LinkedIn Marketing Webinars

How to Go Beyond Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

Only 1 in 5 sales and marketing leaders engaging in LinkedIn marketing can clearly demonstrate a social media ROI. Through our own research studies, we find that it’s because these leaders are stuck at brand awareness. They’re not focused on revenues. Inside this 30 minute,  on-demand webinar that Kristina Jaramillo completed with, you’ll learn what it takes to go beyond brand awareness and drive revenues.

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How to Turn Your Profile into a Complete Sales & Marketing Tool That Communicates “Business” Value

9 out of 10 business leaders and sales and marketing executives’ profiles are worthless as sales and marketing tools. Their profiles are merely resumes listing current and past jobs and accomplishments. Their summaries are like cover letters. The business value that B2B buyers are looking for is not being communicated. Inside this webinar Kristina Jaramillo shows how to make your LinkedIn profile become the social “bridge” that has buyers wanting to connect, accept your InMail, join your LinkedIn community and enter into a sales conversation.

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A New Approach to Developing Customer Relationships Using LinkedIn featured LinkedIn expert Kristina Jaramillo shows how Forrester and many B2B sales and marketing leaders are wrong about LinkedIn and why your current approaches are failing to drive leads and demand. Learn her new approach for opening closed doors, finding the right prospects and converting engagement into more sales opportunities.

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How to Gain the Trust of IT Buyers and Earn Leads That Convert to Revenue

Forrester reports that 99% of leads do not convert and LinkedIn reports that 87% of leads do not convert to revenue. It’s because IT buyers are calling for a change in how you market and sell to them on LinkedIn. Kristina Jaramillo and LinkedIn’s tech industry expert (Mike Weir) will share a new approach that helped a communications technology firm gain more marketing qualified leads than all other initiatives combined.

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11 Rules for Generating Demand Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo shares how to generate demand and develop customer relationships when you have a high priced solution and a complex sales cycle. You’ll find rules that most social media firms seem to ignore and learn how these rules helped:

  • A professional services firm acquire 10 new clients
  • A car dealership software firm attract 30% more webinar registrations
  • A telecommunications company gain $42M in 18 months
  • A video marketing firm gain the attention of 17 different firms
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6 Ways Sales & Marketing Leaders Can Create More Revenue Opportunities Using Social Media

Enterprise social selling expert Sander Biehn joins us to reveal how Fortune 500 companies and large firms are missing the boat to generate demand, leads and sales using LinkedIn.

Uncover the 4 main reasons why sales and marketing is unable to create more revenue opportunities. See how you should be supporting your prospect’s journey using LinkedIn. And, learn how to exceed revenue goals with “social” revenue performance management.

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The People, Processes, Content and Tools You Need for LinkedIn Marketing and Social Selling Success Founder Kristina Jaramillo and Find and Convert CEO Bernie Borges, join together to show you how to put the LinkedIn marketing and social selling pieces together to consistently generate demand, leads and revenue.

See why having LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not enough! Learn how to create a cohesive social product marketing and selling strategy and what content you should be used on LinkedIn. Discover emerging technologies that show you how your LinkedIn prospects engage with your content – and enable you to take a value-first marketing approach.

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7 Lead Generation & Engagement Mistakes B2B Enterprise Sales and Marketing Leaders Are Making

Eric Gruber (LinkedIn ABM Chief Social Content Strategist) joins forces with Evan Carothers (Docalytics CEO) to show sales and marketing teams how to CREATE more effective social content, CAPTURE more leads and CONVERT more sales using LinkedIn.

This webinar will change how you approach social content, social selling and LinkedIn marketing. It will move you from taking a scattershot approach that’s all about reach to a targeted approach that’s about driving next step actions. It will help you move beyond the opt-in to gain more sales qualified leads.

And, it will have you rethinking your traditional gated approaches as we show you how Salesforce Marketing Cloud increased conversions by 190%.

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How to Build a Dynamic Community and Drive Engagement on LinkedIn

A recent study by Kitedesk found that those sales and marketing leaders who are skilled in digital relationship building are 6x more likely to exceed quotas.

Join Founder Kristina Jaramillo, Leader Networks CEO Vanessa DiMauro and’s Social Content Marketing Expert Eric Gruber as they show you how to create dynamic communities, build relationships and actually engage with prospects throughout the entire B2B customer lifecycle.

Learn from real case studies on how b2b software, technology and professional service firm clients are engaging in LinkedIn and driving revenue results.

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Influence Buying Decisions Using LinkedIn & Content Marketing

Inside this webinar, we share what it means to be an influencer – and why most B2B organizations fail to influence business decisions using LinkedIn. We show you how we at mix PR, content marketing and LinkedIn to gain more sales conversations and revenue as we review 10+ in-depth case studies.

Learn from Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber as they show you how to take advantage LinkedIn is now providing by becoming a content channel.

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Getting To Know Us

We’re a global team of LinkedIn marketing and social selling experts (headed by LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo and Social Content Expert Eric Gruber) who help software, technology, professional service and other B2B firms go beyond brand awareness and actually drive revenues.

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Our Leadership

Kristina Jaramillo (Partner & Chief LinkedIn Strategist) and Eric Gruber (Partner & Chief Social Content Officer) are the managing partners of Get LinkedIn Help, driving our clients' LinkedIn Marketing and content marketing results and successes.

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