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Our Clients Tell the Story Of Their Success…

With the help of LinkedInABM.com, my social content is getting the attention of key decision makers at companies like Acxiom, Adaptive Insights, ADP, Cisco, Citrix Systems, HP, IBM, Intuit and Microsoft and joining our community where we are challenging old messaging approaches that are still being used today. Companies like SAP, Viewics, Tagetik, BMC Software and Elandas are downloading our positioning ebooks and white papers.

We’re having sales conversations with companies like SmartOrg, Simplivity, WinShuttle, Aria Systems, Host Analytics, Acumatica, Excelacom, Fresh Desk, Dizzion, Unify Software, Watchguard Technologies, Symantec, SAS, Rocket Software, Intacct, Bullhorn and CBNX Software. Most importantly, you helped us gain these clients within the past few months: Membrain, Mariner Partners, Energy Shift, Mediware Information Systems, Rocket Software, Idea5 and Cubewise.

“Although my LinkedIn profile was originally crafted with lots of content, it wasn’t getting me any real traction for turning connections into clients As Kristina showed me, my profile was written like a resume instead of a marketing tool which showcased my own unique story, my business value and what I can do to help someone who is looking for my expertise, not my job history.

In a few short months since this makeover, my online views in LinkedIn has more than doubled and even more importantly, I’ve gotten more requests for company data sheets, more website visits from LinkedIn and more ebook downloads.”

Michael Agron – President of Web Attract

“My new, result-oriented, case-study driven LinkedIn profile that LinkedIn ABM provided me positions me as a thought leader in SEO and social media lead generation. It demonstrates my expertise, showcases my results and differentiates my firm from the thousands of other SEO and internet marketing companies.

Because of the case studies on my new LinkedIn profile, I attracted a $36,000 per year client. Because of the content and discussions within my LinkedIn group and because of Kristina’s relationship building strategies, we were able to close the deal!”

Jimena Cortes – Founder & President of Wizard Media

“With the strong recommendation from two of my strategic business partners, I engaged with Kristina Jaramillo and Eric Gruber at LinkedInABM.com. We’re in the early stages but they have already impressed with their sharp understanding of business and how they’re helping me think through strategic LinkedIn practice and how to position my firm in a more compelling way on LinkedIn (and even non-social) channels to help me go from $650,000 in revenue per year to 1M in revenue per year. Because of their expertise, I have already referred LinkedInABM.com to one of my most important relationships.”

Bruce Scheer – President of FutureSight

“The results that I have been able to achieve in the first two months of working with LinkedIn ABM are amazing. I have watched as my email list has doubled in two months. Kristina and her team have been able to attract between 3-4 interested potential clients per week – and my coaching program is filling up quickly.   I have also formed a partnership with an International organization where I am booked to be featured in a webinar for their community plus I’ll have a column in their monthly newsletter.

Working with LinkedIn ABM has been one of the best investments that I have made in my business. It has definitely paid for itself many times over after only two months.”

Zee Worstell – President of AccelerateHer International

“I teach organizations that companies that truly excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead, yet I had no lead nurturing system in place for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn ABM helps us find the quickest route to revenue by identifying the key connections that have the highest probability for making a buying decision and then put in place a lead engagement strategy that is leading to more sales conversations with companies like First Data, Canoe Financial, TD Bank, Oracle and First Data”

Tanja Parsley – President of Partners in Performance

“We hadn’t used LinkedIn to promote our thought leadership content before working with LinkedIn ABM. Now, our platform posts get 1500 views in a matter of days.

Within a few months, LinkedIn ABM built a community of sales and marketing decision makers within B2B manufacturing and professional service firms that we can continue to prospect. We’ll definitely continue to work with LinkedIn ABM in the future. “

“I had asked our webinar marketing firm to partner with LinkedIn ABM so we can drive even more demand for our webinars for car dealers that want to sell more cars from their service drive. By integrating content marketing, email marketing and LinkedIn marketing we were able to gain an additional 30% more webinar registrants.

Because of LinkedIn ABM’s efforts after the webinar, they were able to nurture and identify a dozen marketing qualified leads that were ready for a sales conversation. 5 of the 12 marketing qualified leads from LinkedIn became a client!”

“Because of the blog content LinkedInABM.com is creating for us – and because of the discussions they’re starting on LinkedIn, we’re seeing more website traffic from larger A-list car dealerships.

And, this targeted traffic is buying our services and products – in fact, our A-list car dealership customer list has quadrupled within two months.”

Jeff Dodson – President of The Dodson Group

“Because I now have a LinkedIn profile that is based on case studies and is results-driven, I immediately attracted a large real estate management company to Single Point of Contact immediately after getting a LinkedIn profile makeover. It was a prospect that has ignored our best efforts in the past to connect with them and show them our value.

The prospect emailed me asking for a case study with further information on how I helped one of the largest, oldest, most respected real estate management firms cut their IT expenses in half. He asked me about information that was only on the LinkedIn profile – so I know that the prospect came to us from LinkedIn and not from our past efforts.”

Fernando Leon – VP of Business Development at Single Point of Contact

“Hi Kristina, I watched your webinar via the Linkedin Success Summit. You provided valuable, realistic applications to achieve success.

I gained more in that webinar than I have at in-person conference sessions – that was refreshing. Thank you for your advice.”

Jennifer Colina – Director of Marketing at Alesco Data Group

“I had the pleasure of moderating the DC Bar LinkedIn for Lawyers event which Kristina Jaramillo was a speaker and presenter. I could not believe the quality of her presentation as Kristina was a fill-in speaker for another social media expert and we gave her less than 10 days to prepare. Kristina’s content is provocative and challenging and I believe she opened the eyes and minds of our law firm attendees and how they should be using LinkedIn to create a competitive advantage and drive demand. The information she shares is not the same LinkedIn 101 basic information that is being provided by other LinkedIn marketing speakers.”

Ben Grosz – Associate at Ivins, Phillips & Barker

“After a last minute speaker’s invitation, Kristina assembled a high-impact presentation that challenged our audience to think about how they are positioning themselves on LinkedIn, the content they are sharing and the actions they are taking. Her presentation went beyond basic LinkedIn tips, information, tutorials and how-to’s that are frequently shared. Kristina provided a higher-level view of LinkedIn marketing and encouraged the attorney-audience to critically analyze how they are using LinkedIn to drive demand for their services and how they should be creating a competitive advantage within the legal market.”

Washington DC Metro Area Attorney

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