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Social Content Marketing Strategy and Consulting That Drives Next Step Action

In today’s B2B buyer-in-control business climate you need social content that challenges ones thinking, changes perceptions and drives demand. Your content needs to deliver results. You can’t just go for reach anymore.

To deliver results, you need a documented social content marketing plan – the key to social media success. Eric Gruber (Get LinkedIn Help’s Chief Social Content Officer) will collaborate with you and your team to develop a social content strategy that appeals to your target audiences and aligns with your business objectives.

Here’s what we deliver with our social content marketing strategy plans and consulting:

A Focus on the Current Content & Creating New Content That Repositions the Client

  • Creation of a high-level overview for the program and how we plan to support the buyer’s cycle for specific, targeted buying audiences.
  • Review of all existing content including blog posts, case studies and gated content. Before creating new content, we’d like to take a look at the current content and see how it can be tweaked and optimized to fit our purposes. We’d also show how the current content can be used. We’ll also categorize the content based on where the content fits into the buying journey to identify content gaps.
  • Create a content plan to effectively position your company.
  • Review of the LinkedIn group discussions that are happening now. We’d like to see who’s interacting with the content and how. The way to get beyond interaction is to review the interaction and see where it’s getting stuck.

A Focus on Your Website

  • Review Google Analytics, Hubspot analytics and any other analytics you may have to see the content that is getting attention and how prospects are engaging with the your website.
  • Review your complete website and pinpoint opportunities for using gated and ungated content to pull prospects in further. We’ll be providing a content plan with articles, case studies and other resources that will support the website efforts.
  • Review of the autoresponders and their follow up process once someone opts-in. We can have blog posts and social content that drives the next step and has people opting-in but it won’t lead to the expected revenue if we’re not providing the right follow up content. Working with existing content and new proposed content, we can help you optimize your marketing automation program.

A Focus on Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Review previous email marketing communication strategies including e-newsletters and put together a plan for more regular communication with prospects.
  • Provide an integrated marketing communications roadmap where we show how content promotion, webinars, white papers, email marketing and LinkedIn marketing work together.

A Focus on Targeted Campaigns

  • Once we have content that’s focused on positioning your company and solution then we need to have specific content that’s focused on specific audiences in different stages of the buying cycle.So we will be putting a project map together that helps you create your “rock” content and all supporting content.
  • Our review and strategy will also include creation and review of yourebook, white paper or webinar strategy, the landing pages, follow up sequence, and all promotional materials.

Our Ongoing Social Content Strategy and Content Services Also Include:

  • Program kick-off call to go over the goals and action steps
  • Weekly calls to discuss actions taken, the content you created and reviews of the content
  • Monthly editorial calendar creation
  • Schedule for email communications and topics
  • Structure and format for blog posts, articles and platform posts
  • Structure and format for Slideshare presentations, webinars, podcasts, ebooks and other “big rock” content
  • Reviewing social media discussions that are happening on a monthly basis for content opportunities
  • Working with partners and potential guest contributors to provide the content that supports the key themes and messaging. This can include searching for third party content that supports the new content direction and strategy
  • Pinpointing potential webinar/podcast guests and suggesting webinar/podcast ideas
  • Offering complete strategic advice and guidance to achieve the monthly goals and tasks
  • LinkedIn lead nurturing strategy that is supported by the focused content strategy
  • Content distribution to top publications, websites and blogs – and a strategy for using the content once you’re published

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We’re a global team of LinkedIn marketing and social selling experts (headed by LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo and Social Content Expert Eric Gruber) who help software, technology, professional service and other B2B firms go beyond brand awareness and actually drive revenues.

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Kristina Jaramillo (Partner & Chief LinkedIn Strategist) and Eric Gruber (Partner & Chief Social Content Officer) are the managing partners of Get LinkedIn Help, driving our clients' LinkedIn Marketing and content marketing results and successes.

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