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We partner with a number of B2B marketing, inbound marketing and content marketing agencies, lead generation firms and software and technology companies to enhance your LinkedIn marketing and social selling efforts. The partners below (and others we have not added yet) help us provide clients with the tools, content and supplementary services that further support our LinkedIn marketing and social content strategies.

As a result, we’re able to become a complete LinkedIn inbound and outbound marketing and prospect development firm.

Our Strategic Partners…

Besides being a client, The Mezzanine Group has become a partner where we are providing LinkedIn marketing services to their B2B manufacturing and professional service firm clients – and they offer to our clients, B2B outsourced marketing programs that leverages the prospect development work we are completing.

We partnered with this firm who has been serving high-end business law firms and small business law firms for the past 10 years to provide our law firm clients with the thought leadership content they need to become visible experts on LinkedIn. In return, our firm is providing LinkedIn marketing programs to help LawMax’s clients leverage the content our partner is creating to drive demand on LinkedIn.

This partner which provides small companies, startups and large tech organizations including Hubspot and IBM provides our clients with the thought leadership and demand driving content they need including blog posts, LinkedIn publishing platform posts, white papers, ebooks and more. Besides writing services this partner also provides our clients with their cloud based and intuitive content marketing software that enables SMBs  to plan, create, launch, promote and measure any type of content, helping them connect with “social” audiences and positively impact engagement and sales. Get LinkedIn Help provides Content Launch’s clients with a complete social content strategy which we then implement for them.

We have relationships with a number of inbound marketing firms that are Marketo and/or Hubspot partners. Together, we’ll help build you a system that allows you to simultaneously nurture prospects on and off LinkedIn. As we like to say, LinkedIn is not a standalone tool, you need to integrate it with other sales and marketing initiatives.

Want to Join Our List of Partners?

Note that we are not interested in products and solutions that we promote on a regular basis for commissions. We simply do not have the time or bandwidth as we are focused on getting our clients results.

So, if you want to join our partner list, then you must be able to tell us exactly how your service or solution fits within our LinkedIn and social content programs and the value our clients will gain. You’ll also be given preference if you can show how our programs can be part of your value proposition as well so there is a win-win.

Let’s See How We Can Work Together to Give Each Others’ Clients More Value

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Getting To Know Us

We’re a global team of LinkedIn marketing and social selling experts (headed by LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo and Social Content Expert Eric Gruber) who help software, technology, professional service and other B2B firms go beyond brand awareness and actually drive revenues.

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Our Leadership

Kristina Jaramillo (Partner & Chief LinkedIn Strategist) and Eric Gruber (Partner & Chief Social Content Officer) are the managing partners of Get LinkedIn Help, driving our clients' LinkedIn Marketing and content marketing results and successes.

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