Additional LinkedIn Marketing Services and Programs

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Here Are Some Additional Ways LinkedIn ABM Can Support You:

LinkedIn Prospect and Potential Partner Database Creation

We’ll research your target market and individual prospects that you should be connecting with – and create a detailed LinkedIn prospect database covering your target companies (size, turnover, verticals, geography) – and all the information you need to know about those you need to reach. For each potential contact, you will get their job title, where they are located, what their focus is, how active they are on LinkedIn, what groups they belong to – and our insights that will help you take the best prospecting approach on LinkedIn.

We can also create a potential partner database in the same manner for those who are looking to build their channel.

With this service, you invest in blocks of time depending on how much research you want completed. One block = 25 hours (the minimum amount of time you can invest in). Just let us know how many blocks you think you will need.

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Message Testing

Every product or service can be described in a variety of different ways. You can lead with different benefits, talk about various features. You can use different words to explain how you solve problems for customers. We’ll help you find the best way to explain your product or services and make the “value connection” with different target audiences.

With our message testing, you’ll know what message works best with what audience. You’ll discover which benefits and features get people interested – and how to describe them in such a way that customers engage with you.

Since we approach the testing systematically, you are able to try a wider variety of alternatives than you normally would.We measure the results and give you reports about each test. That gives you real-world, up-to-date information upon which you can base marketing and budgeting decisions.

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Market Research

We’ll use LinkedIn to give you answers to questions like: “Is this a viable market for us”, “What titles/roles should we target” and “What are the hot buttons in this vertical?” You’ll get answers from quality respondents – people that we hand-pick who fit your ideal customer profile. And, we provide you with a comprehensive report that includes:

  • Graphs and charts that show the responses to multiple-choice, ranking or rating questions
  • Full text of responses to open-ended questions
  • Prospects contact information so you can continue to engage with them

With one project, you get both market research and a prospect database you can start marketing to.Response rates vary, but a 5-10% response rate is typical. So outreach to 1000 people can give you 50-100 responses.

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More Services to Come Including LinkedIn Workshops –
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Getting To Know Us

We’re a global team of LinkedIn marketing and social selling experts (headed by LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo and Social Content Expert Eric Gruber) who help software, technology, professional service and other B2B firms go beyond brand awareness and actually drive revenues.

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Our Leadership

Kristina Jaramillo (Partner & Chief LinkedIn Strategist) and Eric Gruber (Partner & Chief Social Content Officer) are the managing partners of Get LinkedIn Help, driving our clients' LinkedIn Marketing and content marketing results and successes.

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