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LinkedIn Strategy Should Be at The Heart of Every Action on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Strategy is the Biggest Difference Between a Company That Just Gets Brand Awareness and a Company That Regularly Drives Demand and Revenue Opportunities .

Jay Baer from says that many sales and marketing executives are falling into the trap of thinking about LinkedIn (and social media in general) through a tactical prism instead of a strategic one. He’s alarmed at the number of B2B organizations and agencies that are jumping into social media platforms like LinkedIn to take “advantage” of audience acquisition and engagement without having an actual strategy. This is why they’re not generating many leads using LinkedIn – and the ones they’re getting are cold.

Strategy is the biggest difference between a B2B sales and marketing team that drives demand and enjoys consistent sales leads and revenue opportunities and one that just has a presence and lots of connections. And, we’re sorry to say – but we’ve also found that most sales and marketing leaders on LinkedIn do not have a strategy. They have a shopping list of tactics that need to be completed. But, there’s no cohesive strategy and that’s why most sales and marketing leaders that we talk to say that have lots of connections but very few sales opportunities. The sales leads they’re getting are cold as heck!

Need More Proof That Your Sales and Marketing Team Needs a LinkedIn Strategy?

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Here Are the Different Parts That Can Be Included With Your LinkedIn Strategy:

Increased LinkedIn Presence Strategy

  • A full review of your LinkedIn personal profile along with guidance on what should be added, changed, tweaked and removed. We’ll show you how you should be positioning yourself on LinkedIn and turning it into a sales and marketing tool that communicates business “value” to key decision makers
  • Strategy for your LinkedIn company page – and LinkedIn showcase pages
  • Strategy on how to promote your personal page, company page and showcase pages on and off LinkedIn
  • Review of the LinkedIn groups that you are already part of – and seeing which ones are ineffective. We’ll report to you which ones we suggest staying in, which ones we should leave and which ones you should join

Thought Leadership and Content Strategy

  • Review of your existing content that you’re using to drive demand and generate leads. This will include blog posts, white papers, case studies, data sheets, webinars, presentations, ebooks etc. We’ll create a strategy for how each piece of content should be used on LinkedIn. We’ll also pinpoint the content gaps, and inform you of the content that we need to fill those gaps so you can transition potential buyers through the buyers’ journey
  • Provide you with a content calendar that’s filled with blog article ideas, LinkedIn Publishing Platform posts (Pulse), Slideshare presentations, case studies, white papers and webinars

Intelligent Prospecting Strategy

  • We’ll pinpoint exactly who you should be targeting to connect with. We’ll create a complete description of your prospects and influencers (both inside and outside target companies)
  • Create positioning and messaging strategies so you can communicate your value and more accurately connect your solutions with your business issues
  • Provide you with a wish list of key decision makers inside the companies you want to target- along with our key insights on how you should be connecting with them. We’ll perform up to 50 hours of research

Community Building Strategy

  • We’ll help you create your group positioning (as we want to differentiate it from other groups that are out there which gives your prospects a reason to join), the type of content that you are sharing and the discussions you are starting and all messaging in regards to the group and provide you with our suggestions
  • You’ll get a plan on how to make your LinkedIn group dynamic – where you have actual conversations happening. This would include an influencer marketing program. A strategy on how to keep group members engaged – These are the actions you should be taking on LinkedIn so group members will want to stay in and keep coming back for information
  • We’ll create a plan on how to promote and grow your LinkedIn community even more on and off LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Integration and Lead Generation Strategy

  • A strategy for mixing LinkedIn with webinars, white paper and ebook marketing so connections can turn into prospects on your list where you can market them on and off LinkedIn
  • We’ll review your current sales and marketing process. We’ll have you walk us through, step-by-step your sales and marketing process. You’ll take us from how you are getting us to become a lead all the way to how you close the deal. Because we create a lead to revenue process for you using LinkedIn, we have to see what’s working for you off-LinkedIn. We also want to uncover the cracks in your process so you can patch them up before you start trying to enable sales using LinkedIn. This review also includes analyzing the information provided from your CRM, marketing automation and marketing analytics programs
  • We’ll review your website to uncover “conversion cracks” that can hurt your LinkedIn efforts. We’ve partnered with a website conversion firm to help us complete a detailed analysis of all the opportunities you’re missing to capture leads coming from LinkedIn. You’ll be able to see the website issues live on the screen, plus you’ll get a written report

Lead Engagement and Nurturing Strategy

For most of the prospects you connect with on LinkedIn, they don’t realize how and why they need you yet. You need to nurture these connections and provide them with relevant content (which gets them to raise their hand). You need a strategy for how you’re going to use case studies, white papers, 3rd party research that supports your claims. You need a strategy on how you’ll use webinars, webcasts and other thought leadership content that piques your prospects curiosity and gets them wanting to talk to you about their options.

You need a strategy for how you’re going to intrigue prospects enough that they are curious on how you achieved results. Then you need a strategy for how you’re going to move them into your pipeline and how are you going to get them to engage further with you. We’ll devise a strategy to move connections down the funnel so you go from connection to revenue.

Strategy for Using LinkedIn Tools and Technologies

We’ll provide you with our recommendations on the technologies that you should be using to support your LinkedIn program. As I mentioned on our phone conversation, there’s a marketing and sales platform that lets you know when someone you message on LinkedIn opens the content you provided them. It lets you know how they engaged with your content, where they spent the most time, what links did they click on, and the actions they took with the content. This way you know what type of content you need to provide the prospect next.

By using this technology with our LinkedIn marketing programs, a leading communications technology company that serves most of the Fortune 100 gained more mid-market revenue opportunities than all other initiatives combined. We were able to target the right people with the right content at the right time.

We’re Offering a Complete LinkedIn Strategy for Sales Enablement.

When you invest a complete LinkedIn strategy covering all the elements – we cover people (the roles that each member of the team should play and how they should be positioned), content, processes and tools. We show you how to put the LinkedIn marketing and social selling pieces together and consistently generate demand, leads and revenue.

You can get a sneak preview of what we offer in our LinkedIn strategy programs by downloading our LinkedIn Leads to Revenue On-Demand Webinar.

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Get Started With A Free LinkedIn Strategy Session

We’ll evaluate and challenge your current LinkedIn prospecting approach and engagement approach. Then, we’ll have a high-level brainstorming discussion on the “connection to revenue processes”, systems, tools and content you need to build relationships and create sales opportunities.

Creating an Effective LinkedIn Marketing Program That Generates Revenue Takes Time – Get Started Today With A Free LinkedIn Planning Session.

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