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LinkedIn Profile Makeover – See How We Gave the President of The Mezzanine Group Instant Credibility

You need to be credible if you want customers to feel comfortable buying from you, media to feel confident quoting you, bloggers to be interested in hosting your guest posts, and so on. Of course, credibility is something that’s earned, not given. One of the best tools for earning credibility is your LinkedIn profile. In our recent  “Sales, Marketing & LinkedIn Study,” we found that top B2B sellers and marketers  are doing far more on their LinkedIn [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover Video – Making the President of Integrity International Insurance Brokers Relevant

Your relevance will determine if your LinkedIn connection relationships will grow or wither. Watch this LinkedIn profile makeover video to see how demonstrated Dan Gorman's relevance to time-starved prospects so they'll want to connect with him - and learn how his solutions at Integrity International Insurance Brokers can help them. Sign up for our Free LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training for even more tips on how to demonstrate your relevance.

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover – See How Stratavant’s Managing Director is Now Clearly Showing His Value

Stratavant (a B2B value selling firm) provides organizations like Honeywell, Nuance, Avaya, IBM, SAP and with easy-to-use, highly visual ROI and value selling tools and supporting marketing programs and consulting. Even though the firm focuses on "proving your value" in order to drive demand, capture leads and close more deals, faster - Darrin Fleming (the firm's Managing Director) failed to show his "value" to prospects on his LinkedIn profile. Watch this video to see what [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover Video – How Web Attract Is Getting More Downloads For Their Ebook, Data Sheet and Other Corporate Assets

As the President of WebAttract mentioned in his testimonial “Although my LinkedIn profile was originally crafted with lots of content, it wasn’t getting me any real traction for finding new prospects to become my clients as it was boring. It was written like a resume which showcased my skills and work history.  It didn’t provide a forum to tell my own unique story of what I’ve accomplished for my clients, and more importantly, what I can [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover – Single Point of Contact Attracts Large Real Estate Management Company After Getting Profile Makeover

Shortly after getting a LinkedIn profile makeover, Fernando Leon (VP of Business Development for IT Managed Service Provider - Single Point of Contact) attracted a large California real estate management company (a company they tried to target for years!) You see, we turned Fernando's resume-based LinkedIn profile into a marketing tool that is case study based. Inside his profile, we discussed how he helped Shorenstein Realty (one of the oldest, most respected real management companies in North America) [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover- President of Rosen Group Differentiates His Firm From Other Recruiting Firms

Scott Rosen President of the Rosen Group (one of Inc's fastest growing companies) had the same generic copy on his LinkedIn profile that can be found on thousands of other recruiting firm executives. He didn't have any content that would differentiate the Rosen group from another firm. He didn't answer the question - why should I connect with you and work with your firm. After viewing his new LinkedIn profile - he incorporated the new [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover – See How Ron Karr is Attracting Presidents, Vice Presidents and Directors of Sales in Global Organizations

This Business Development Expert is Credited For Over 1/2 a Billion $$$ in Increased Sales - This is the President of Karr & Associates new LinkedIn profile headline. If you were looking for a sales consulting and training firm that can help your sales team close more deals in less time, wouldn't you open up and read Ron Karr's LinkedIn profile to see exactly what he has to offer. Watch this LinkedIn profile makeover video [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover – See How This Profile Makeover Helped MPi Gain 20% More Webinar Registrants

Randy Kobat, the VP of strategic initiatives for MPi, made the #1 mistake that most sales executives make on their LinkedIn profile. Instead of having content that would resonate with key decision makers (GMs, service managers and sales managers) at auto dealerships that would be interested in software and a process for increasing their sales from the service drive, he had content that would speak to recruiters and HR executives. Randy talked about his accomplishments [...]

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LinkedIn Profile Makeover Video – Wizard Media President Attracts $36,000 Client

Inside her LinkedIn profile, Wizard Media President Jimena Cortes educates prospects on the mistakes they are making and how she can help them. For example, inside her experience section, Jimena shows why a Neiman Marcus jeweler had 614 Facebook fans but no leads and no sales. She shows how there was zero engagement. She then reveals how her firm was able to go from 614 fans to 45,000 fans and potential leads in 9 months [...]

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Help My Website Sell CEO’s LinkedIn Profile Makeover – A Perfect Example of a Result-Oriented, Case Study Driven Profile

Help My Website Sell - (a Pennsylvania headquartered website conversion company) achieves amazing results for their clients. Some of the results include increasing leads by 20% in 30 days for professional service firms, increasing sales by 65% for after the customer implemented the suggested changes mentioned in a website review, and giving clients $10 in ROI for every dollar they spend. Watch the profile makeover video to see how we used  Help My Website Sell CEO Adam Hommey's [...]

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