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Why LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training For Your Sales Team?

B2B sales teams who understand how to use LinkedIn effectively can leap ahead of competitors by connecting directly and building strong relationships with decision-makers in target industries. But, only if those key decision makers see your value.

And, the problem is – most sales people fail to communicate their value.

That’s Where Our “In-House” or Virtual LinkedIn Profile Makeover Workshops and Training Come Into Play…

We’ll help each member of the sales team that participates in our LinkedIn Profile Makeover Workshop and Training communicate their unique business value.

You see, these programs are customized to your organization and to each member of the sales team. We’re not giving you generic, static workshops that’s nothing more than a smattering compilation of tips and best practices on how to setup your profile for sales.

We’re actually walking your sales team through the specific positioning and precise persuasive messaging to use so buyers connect and take next step actions. This is 100% completely customized – not information that you can find all over the Net and in books for a lot less money.

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Our Workshops Are Designed to Help Your Sales Team Turn Their LinkedIn Profiles into Social Bridges

With our profile makeover workshops and training, your sales team members’ profiles will become the social “bridge” that has buyers wanting to connect, accept InMails, join your organization’s LinkedIn community and most importantly enter into a sales conversation.

We accomplish this by:

  • Working with your team on how they can and should be demonstrating that they understand their buyer’s specific business issues and that they know how to solve them.
  • Providing your team with ways that they can help the business buyer think differently about how to solve their business problems.
  • Brainstorming with your team insights that have not considered before that they should be sharing and the content they should be offering on their profile and on the LinkedIn publishing platform.
  • Focusing your sales team on making the whole LinkedIn profile about advancing relationships with prospects.

Here’s What You Get With Our LinkedIn Profile Makeover Workshop and Training

Step 1: Discovery

During this time, we’ll get to know more about your organization, your sales team and the targeted accounts they are looking to capture.

It’s where we start to define THE reason prospects will speak with your sales team.

It’s where we get and review the possible value your sales team can deliver to their prospects.

It’s where we get answers to the “What’s in it for me?” question that your prospects will asks themselves while they read your sales teams profile.

How your sales team answers that question will determine if a connection is made or if your sales team is ignored.

Step 2: Small Group LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training

In a small group setting, we’ll review each sales executive’s LinkedIn profile in detail – and discuss what needs to be changed and how. We’ll share examples of sales professionals LinkedIn profiles that are driving sales results and teach you “why” the profiles are attracting prospects. Your sales team will learn the fundamental techniques they’ll need to master to execute the individualized LinkedIn profile makeover strategies that they will receive in the next section.

For example, your sales team will learn how to create “risk” within their profile to create a sense of urgency with B2B buyers. They’ll uncover ways to project an image of someone to buy from – and they’ll learn how to position themselves as subject matter experts to give prospects an incentive to connect and motivation to move forward. When your sales executives’ profiles are resources that gets prospects thinking differently about their situation, company or industry, B2B buyers are much more likely to want to take the time to talk with your sales execs.

Step 3: LinkedIn Profile Strategy and 1-on-1 Training

Each sales executive participating in the workshop and training will get a profile strategy document that:

  • Outlines the story that should be told within their LinkedIn summary. You see, we’re not just giving you tips, we’re giving your sales team the story that should be told.
  • Showcases the case studies that needs to be discussed within the profile.
  • Provides the format, structure and ideas for each section of the LinkedIn profile – so each part of the profile is designed to drive prospects further.
  • Explains in detail their unique business value and the positioning that needs to be portrayed throughout the profile – and how.

From there, we’ll provide 1-on-1 training to each participating sales executive so they’ll be able to follow the strategy and execute their LinkedIn profile makeover that will finally be designed for sales.

Step 4: LinkedIn Profile Assessment

We’re not just training your team on how to setup their profile, coaching them on their specific positioning, messaging and stories and then leaving.

Once they complete their profile makeover, following the strategy that we lay out for them, we’ll then review their LinkedIn profile on video and show them exactly what we like – and what needs to be changed.

If they need further coaching, we’ll even do follow-up phone calls with your sales team.

Additional Information on Our LinkedIn Profile Makeover Workshop and Training Program…

Your workshop and training program can either be virtual (at half the cost of our done-for-you LinkedIn profile makeover services) completed over a 4-to-6 week period. Or, for an accelerated, fast track program – you can have the workshop completed live at your location over a 3 to 5 day period.

For our workshops and training, we do require a minimum of 3 to 5 sales professionals signed up – and a maximum of 10. We can always add on additional profile makeover workshops and training for your organization, but for maximum effectiveness we do need to keep the groups smaller.

In addition to the profile makeover training and workshops, we can support your sales team with an ongoing coaching program where we provide your sales team with the strategies they need to execute once they have a strong foundation. We can discuss this at a later time.

For now, let’s focus on your sales team’s LinkedIn profile makeover program and take the first step…

See How Well Your Sales Team Is Performing On LinkedIn With Our Free Assessment – Plus Get More Information On Our LinkedIn Profile Makeover Workshop:

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