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Interview with Hans Peter Bech – Social Selling with Situational and Contextual Content

Now, we don't agree with Hans Peter Bech who says that social media is a volume game as we believe it's not about the number of connections, group members and followers - it's about having the right relationships and knowing how to leverage those relationships. It's why we suggest an account based marketing approach when you have a complex sale - which is what we specialize in. But, we do agree, on how most sales [...]

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LinkedIn Revenue Stories: How Ansys Built a Dynamic 32,000 Member LinkedIn Group That Leads to Revenue

Because recent studies show that only 1 in 5 sales and marketing professionals can clearly prove a social media ROI (even though social media reach without engagement that leads to revenue means nothing), I started a series called LinkedIn Revenue Stories. On today's podcast, Sandy Adam, the social media marketing marketing manager for Ansys (the global leader in engineering simulation software that helps companies solve their most complex design challenges) will show how the company [...]

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LinkedIn Revenue Stories – How Getting a LinkedIn Profile Makeover Leads to New Sales Opportunities & Clients for Managed Service Providers & Professional Service Firms

Because recent studies show that only 1 in 5 sales and marketing leaders are able to clearly prove a social media ROI, Partner Kristina Jaramillo has started a new podcast series called: LinkedIn Revenue stories. And, since the first step to getting closer to revenue is to ensure that your prospects see your value - Kristina is starting this series talking about your LinkedIn profile - the place where prospects are supposed to see [...]

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Social Media Experts Getting LinkedIn Wrong Podcast with Kristina Jaramillo

In a recent blog post series with, LinkedIn expert Kristina Jaramillo has been pinpointing how social media experts like Jay Baer, Viveka von Rosen and others are getting LinkedIn wrong! She's challenging their ideas, thoughts and actions not to spark controversy (even though it is) but because too many sales and marketing leaders are getting nothing but reach and awareness. It's time that we question the advice and actions of others that we're following [...]

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Get LinkedIn Help Podcast: Driving More Demand Using a Challenger Approach on LinkedIn

According to the CEB, close rates for challenger sales leaders are on average 14% higher than those of other types of salespeople. Companies like SAP have increased revenues using the challenger sales approach. But for this approach to work, you have to do more than challenge assumptions, ideas, thoughts and approaches. As Eric Gruber, Partner and Chief Social Content Strategist, explains in the podcast below, there are three parts you must incorporate to your [...]

By | May 25th, 2016|Categories: LinkedIn Audios and Podcasts|0 Comments Client Success Story Podcast: How AccelerateHer CEO Built Trust on LinkedIn to Gain a 400% ROI

Trust drives the buying process as trust is the foundation for all human connections (including the social media environment!) But, sales, marketing and business leaders are forgetting that on LinkedIn and they are eroding trust by talking about the same generic benefits as everyone else or making claims without backing it up with stories. We must stake a claim on our profiles and provide credible proof that the claims are true if we want key [...]

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LinkedIn Podcast: Partner Says Most LinkedIn Profiles Lack Differentiation and Unique Business Value

Inside this short LinkedIn profile makeover training podcast (where we give a sneak preview of our upcoming LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training webinar), Partner Kristina Jaramillo mentioned that most LinkedIn profiles lack differentiation and unique business value.  There's too much "me too" positioning around "years of experience" and generic benefits! Listen to this podcast - then sign up for our LinkedIn profile webinar under the audio: [HTML1] Sign Up for Our Webinar to See How [...]

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Kristina Jaramillo Says No to LinkedIn Lead Goals

In recent articles, Get LinkedIn Help's Chief LinkedIn Strategist Kristina Jaramillo discussed how lead goals and "cost-per-lead" are creating a false sense of LinkedIn success or failure. In this short 5 to 7 minute podcast, Kristina mentions that focusing on lead goals has sales and marketing leaders focused on the top of the funnel, instead of seeing it through to the end result --- real revenue! This can be why 99% of leads do not [...]

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Interview with LinkedIn’s Mike Weir on How Tech Companies Should Be “Earning” Leads

Mike Weir, LinkedIn’s IT industry expert who helps software and tech companies build world-class LinkedIn marketing campaigns and long term relationships with their clients and prospects joins Get LinkedIn Help Partner Eric Gruber to discuss how the IT buying committee has evolved and how they want sales, marketing and business development professionals to work harder to gain their trust and business. He explains how most vendors are failing to "earn" leads on LinkedIn and discusses [...]

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