LinkedIn’s Guide For Sophisticated Marketers

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About This Ebook

Inside the enhanced “Sophisticated Marketers Guide to LinkedIn”, you’ll find insights and advice from experts like Brian Clark (CEO of CopyBlogger), Viveka Von Rosen, Lee Odden (CEO at TopRank Online Marketing), Lisa Weinstein (President, Global Digital, Data and Analytics at Starcom MediaVest Group), Neal Schaffer, Nate Stricker and Founder Kristina Jaramillo.

In her interview, Kristina discusses attracting the right people to your brand at the right time and increases your reach and engagement with the right content and targeted messaging on LinkedIn. She also discusses the importance of having a LinkedIn strategy and how sales and marketing leaders are getting it wrong on LinkedIn.

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We’re a global team of LinkedIn marketing and social selling experts (headed by LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo and Social Content Expert Eric Gruber) who help software, technology, professional service and other B2B firms go beyond brand awareness and actually drive revenues.

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Kristina Jaramillo (Partner & Chief LinkedIn Strategist) and Eric Gruber (Partner & Chief Social Content Officer) are the managing partners of Get LinkedIn Help, driving our clients' LinkedIn Marketing and content marketing results and successes.

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