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Fortune 500 Companies, Nasdaq-Indexed Tech Firms, Mid-Market B2B Organizations, Start-Ups & Agencies – We’ve Managed LinkedIn Marketing & Social Content Programs For All B2B Types!

GetLinkedInHelp.com provides consulting, strategic and managed LinkedIn marketing and social content services to B2B software and technology companies, professional service firms, consultancies and other B2B organizations who have complex, high-ticket solutions and sales cycles.

Here Are Some of the B2B Software & Technology Companies We’re Getting LinkedIn Marketing Results For:

Gains multiple sales opportunities with a combined worth more than $1M in 1 month

Gained 900+ LinkedIn Group Members, 30% More RFP Wins & Strategic Partnerships with Companies Like Alcatel Lucent, Verizon, BT, AT&T and Oracle

Increased Webinar Registrations by 30% and Transitioned Leads Through the Complete Lead to Revenue Cycle to Gain 5 Clients After the Webinar

Immediately Attracted a Large Real Estate Management Firm After Profile Makeover

Increased Webinar Registrations by 30%

Uncovered Holes in the Lead Generation Process So They Can Convert Their 700 Group Members Into Clients

Gave the Company’s Webinars Unlimited Shelf Life By Providing a Strategy for Using The Webinars to Effectively Attract and Engage Prospects on LinkedIn

We helped many more tech companies including these markets: Data management, SaaS, IT operations, ad tech, field service operations software, sales management, predictive analytics, business intelligence, financial software and much more…

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Here Are Some of the Professional Service Firms We’re Getting LinkedIn Marketing Results For:

(Please Note: This is only a partial listing. We have helped many more professional service firms through our partners. Contact us for more information.)

New Ongoing LinkedIn Marketing Client Who Gained a New Positioning in the Very First Meeting to Remove a Huge Customer Objection 

Gained New Clients Like Membrain, Rocket Software and Cubewise Plus Engaged in Sales Conversations with Prospects at SAS and Emerson Network Power

More Requests For Company Data Sheets, More Website Visitors and More Downloads of Other Corporate Assets

Gained a $36,000 Opportunity Plus $60,000 in Additional Revenue

Built a Community of Mid-Market Sales and Marketing Decision Makers That the Company Can Continue to Prospect

Gains multiple sales opportunities worth up to $150K each

Pinpointed the President’s Unique Value & Differentiated the Firm From Other Event Planning Companies Serving the Healthcare Industry

Profile Makeover Differentiates the President and His Firm From Other HR & Recruiting Agencies

From Barebones to a Complete Marketing Tool

The CEO and the Firm Now Clearly Communicates Their Relevance on LinkedIn

Gained Several Thousand Dollar Per Month Client, Within 2 Months

Attracting Multi-Million Dollar Printing Firms with a Renewed LinkedIn Presence and Strategy

Attracting HR Clients Throughout the US and Abroad

Have Become the Go-to-Experts in Public Finance Law & Corporate Finance Law on LinkedIn

Gained More Than $10,000 in Profits in Less Than 30 Days Using Our LinkedIn Strategies

Attracting More Small Businesses and Non-Profits That Want More Awareness

Uses Get LinkedIn Help for Strategic Direction on How to Position Their Clients on LinkedIn

Now Has a LinkedIn Profile That Champions His Brand Identity and Drives New Business Leads.

Acquired 3 New Accounts in Just 15 Days After Beginning Implementation of Our LinkedIn Strategy

We helped many more professional service firms including: A video marketing firm for B2B technology companies, a technology content marketing firm, accounting firms and a website design and development firm that we helped through our marketing partners.

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Here Are Some of the Consulting Firms We’re Getting LinkedIn Marketing Results For:

Changing how consultants in this international Nasdaq organization are positioning themselves on LinkedIn

Developed Key Relationships & Engaged in Sales Conversations with Sales Leaders at First Data and Oracle

Gained 400% Return on Investment

Through our profile makeover training workshop, the President gained insights on a new approach to her LinkedIn profile and how she should be communicating her value to dentists and CPAs.

Now Connecting and Engaging with the Medical Community

Launched a New Leadership Presence & Communication Training Program for Organizations like USAA Using LinkedIn

Helped This New Zealand Consultancy Communicate Their Unique Story on LinkedIn and Show Organizational Leaders How They Are Improving Performance and Promoting Positive Change

Attracting Fortune 500 Clients with a Stronger LinkedIn Presence

Filled Their Schedules with Networking Calls with Fortune 500 Companies Like Adobe

The Whole Executive Team Now Has a LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Now Has a Strategy to Follow to Engage with Past Clients Like TD Bank and Blue Cross Plus Open Doors at Manulife, CIBC, Intact and Aviva Canada

Has the LinkedIn Presence and Strategy to Attract Large Mutual Fund Firms Like Ameriprise Financial

Trusts GetLinkedInHelp.com with His Business Strategy Clients!

The President of This Management Consulting Firm Now Differentiates Herself From Her Competitors on LinkedIn

Learned how he should be communicating his business value on his profile and how he should be attracting and engaging with blue chip prospects on LinkedIn using our profile makeover and strategy services.

New LinkedIn Profile Makeover Training Client

We helped many other consulting firms gain results on LinkedIn including those in: leadership development, benefits consulting, management consulting, IT consulting, wealth building, executive branding, organizational development and much more…

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Here Are Some of the Additional B2B Organizations We’ve Served:

Provided first contract for the unit after the company’s IPO – a $165,000 contract that will lead to a $75,000 bid and $700K a year revenue. Most clients stay with Schneider for 8 to 10 years so this can be a $7M client!

New Profile Makeover & Strategy Client – Startup Looking to Quickly Build Their Following

The Number of A-List Car Dealerships Buying Services and Products Quadrupled!

Went From a Local Business to Becoming an International Business

Attracting Brand Names Like Curves, Culligan, Time Warner Cable, Progressive Auto Insurance and Security Networks

Proved on LinkedIn That the Organization is the World’s Leading Authority on Staging

Now Actively Engaging with Its Membership & Selling Additional Services

Building Awareness for This Debilitating Disease & Generating More Media Attention

President Attracts More Prospects That Are Interested in His Insurance Services

Saved Hours in Research Time with Our Prospect Database – And Now Their Financial Advisors Are Connecting with the Right Prospects.

New LinkedIn Consulting Client

LinkedIn Profile Makeover Drives New Business For This Virtual Book Keeping Company

Virtual Financial Services Firm Owners Gets a LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Creating a LinkedIn Marketing Program That Generate Revenues Takes Time – Get Started Today with a Free LinkedIn Planning Session

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Getting To Know Us

We’re a global team of LinkedIn marketing and social selling experts (headed by LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillo and Social Content Expert Eric Gruber) who help software, technology, professional service and other B2B firms go beyond brand awareness and actually drive revenues.

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Our Leadership

Kristina Jaramillo (Partner & Chief LinkedIn Strategist) and Eric Gruber (Partner & Chief Social Content Officer) are the managing partners of Get LinkedIn Help, driving our clients' LinkedIn Marketing and content marketing results and successes.

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